STEM in Society

STEM in Society

Science and Public Policy — Their Interrelationship. The United States continuously faces many issues that involve both science and technology — issues rangin g from climate change to nano-technology, from human genomics to modified food crops, from fracking to imm unization. What is the role that science and technology play in determining what the public policy for the se issues should be? How as scientists or engineers should we respond to requests for advice and/or soluti ons? Are there any problems or pitfalls in the process of advising and forming policy?

The class will be centered on lectures and class participation in discussion on the various topics that will be covered. There will be several readings, from published articles in journals to excerpts from a book that covers the topic of scientist as adviser. There will be several papers that the students will author on policies that have been enacted, have failed to be enacted, or have been proposed. There will also be group projects that will consist of both a written paper and a presentation to the whole class.

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