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Mountain Challenge Field Trip

Mountain Challenge Field Trip,
Saturday, June  6th


  • Awesome
  • This challenge facilitated the socialization with unknown people.
  • The course allowed me to realize the importance of working well with others even if i dont know those individuals well at all.
  • Afternoon (ropes) was awesome! Tour was less awesome.
  • There should be food other than pork.
  • This afternoon was fun.
  • Very good. gives new perspective
  • It was very important for leadership and explaining roles in a task
  • For never hearing of this college, I have learned a lot about this area, and te program. our group leaders seemed very knowledgable about all of our information
  • My guide, Hannah, was the best guide. You should give her a raise.
  • This was a wonderful experience that helped me to meet new people.
  • Bryan was great.
  • It was very entertaining. I feel like I know my family better now.
  • Ice cream was bad to eat before the tour… :(
  • I liked the teamwork challenges best. Our group leaders were good at helping us get life-lessons out of the excercises. The sustainability lesson could have been more informative, but i liked what we learned (just include more! it was interesting!)
  • It was ok!
  • The tour of campus was rather boring.
  • The mountain Challenge was very fun and helped me learn about the people around me.
  • I learned a lot about the diff ways colleges (and I) could save money.
  • Very nice
  • Leader connected to us.
  • thnks fr tn MMRS
  • thank you for a fun afternoon!
  • very good wasn’t what I expected, but I still enjoyed it
  • This experience taught me a lot aout teamwork and its importance in real world situations
  • it was more fun than i expected. Our guide was mice and cared about what we were doing and learning
  • I enjoyed the team-buidling activities because I got to learn a lot about my fellow studets in the Governor’s School. the staff were friendly and very helpful. I feel that the sustainability tour could have been more orgaized because we traveled all over campus even to places we had already been. Thank you for having us.
  • I had an amazing time on this ocurse. brandon cared a lot about educating us and he made everything fun.
  • Coming to the Mountain Challenge has made essentical components obvious not only in science, but also life in genral. i want to thank all the student leading us and especially my leader, Bruce.
  • It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed it.
  • Very organized and enjoyable.
  • Really fun. Much better team buidking experience than i’ve had at some other programs.
  • the mountain challenge cause me to have to trust people that i do not know
  • Through various challenges teams had to not only excute a strong performace in the challenge, but fully plan the steps ahead of time to faster success. The Mountain Challenge created sitatuions to help thoughful planning.
  • I really liked the teambuilding activities but not as much the walking around.
  • Food was great! Thanks for taking us on the tour!