Welcome to┬áthe 2015 Governor’s Schools for the Sciences and Engineering at the University of Tennessee.

This blog for the 2015 Governor’s Schools will consist of posts for each course and for each event that the students will take part in this summer. Everyone is encouraged to use the comment sections to discuss the courses and events as well as to share your experiences throughout the duration of the program.

One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Boy, it’s already humpfest for Govschool 2015.
    Here in Math, after doing logic and proof theory first, we have done divisibility, primes, gcd and Euclidean algorithm already. As a first this year, I included to discuss these notions also a bit for Gaussian integers Z[i] right to start with. Thursday we began to discuss congruences and Monday, we’ll get real yummy modular arithmetic. Hey we need that for the cool crypto stuff.

    Jochen Denzler

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